Fixed Deposits

If you’re looking for a safe investment option to boost your savings and get assured returns, investing in a Fixed Deposit is a great choice. The convenience of investing along with the safety of your deposit can help you plan your short-term and long-term goals easily.

Naik Financials has distribution agreement with Bajaj Finance to offer their Fixed Deposits.

Features of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

High Stability and Credibility

As the only Indian NBFC with an international rating of ‘BBB’ by S&P Global, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit can be perceived as one of the safest investment options for investors. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is assigned highest stability ratings with CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating and ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating.

Higher Interest Rates

Fixed Deposit interest rates depend on tenure, and pay out frequency. Bajaj Finance offers one of the best FD rates in India.

Systematic Deposit Plan

Bajaj Finance Limited offers a unique product known as Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) – a monthly investment option that enables customer to invest in small monthly deposits, in disciplined manner. The maturity period of each monthly deposit under SDP shall be for a minimum period of 12 months to a maximum period of 60 months. The depositor will have option to choose between 6 to 48 numbers of monthly deposits under SDP. The interest rate prevailing on the date of each deposit will be applicable to that particular deposit. Each deposit under the SDP will be treated as a separate Fixed Deposit.

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